Our Plan

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Supporters of the project understand that the youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. In order to prepare those future leaders to deal with a continuously changing world, developers of the project have identified a three-phase plan for implementation.

Phase 1: Develop a Leadership Education Model —COMPLETE!!

This phase involved three core components:

1. Secure a location and staff prepared to create an objective, project-focused environment.

2. Establish concepts and skills to be targeted in the curriculum and program development.

3. Articulate and develop the following course areas:

a. International Studies and Leadership

b. Fundamentals of Communication and Leadership

c. Survey of Leadership through Leaders and Methods

d. Models of Community and Organizational Leadership

e. Leadership Internship

Phase 2: Develop Project Partnerships —IN PROGRESS!!

1. Create a sustaining and long lasting relationship with partners that have a defined interest in developing leaders for our ever-changing global environment.

2. Work symbiotically alongside business partners to create a blueprint that fosters internships, Co-ops, leadership seminars and long-term job placement.

3. Harness the leadership model of Beaufort Academy, along with the economic fortitude of our business partners, to build a campus that exclusively promotes and graduates critical thinkers, active problem-solvers and committed citizens.

Phase 3: Develop and Implement a State-Wide Leadership School

1. The school will concentrate on Leadership Development, but will also offer a full spectrum of science, mathematics and humanities.

2. Year-round programming will include summer intensives for middle school students and high school students in grades 9 and 10.

3. Tuition for the nine-month high school will be free.